The UK's distributor of  Eco Voltz electric bikes (E-Bikes)

We are the UK's distributor of Eco Voltz quality, affordable E-bikes, pedalecs. We sell and distribute the Eco Voltz range of E-bikes throughout the UK via our dealer network
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Eco Voltz a certified brand at affordable prices

Global Import Specialists Ltd have been involved with the electric bike market for over 5 years and during that period we have successfully established the Eco Voltz brand throughout the UK. 
Eco Voltz Electric Bikes are now available to buy direct from us and via a growing network of independent cycle dealers each one providing first class customer service, satisfaction & value for money. 

Why choose Eco Voltz?

Acquire an Eco Voltz E-Bike

We have partnered with the providers listed below to help you acquire a new Eco Voltz Electric Bike either Tax Free or with 0% finance. 
An Eco Voltz Electric Bike will put the fun back into your cycling with family or friends, especially if you're not as fit as you once were. On an Eco Voltz E-Bike you will be able to keep pace with the keenest cyclists in your group, climb hills with ease, ride for longer and cover greater distances. Regular exercise helps to reduces stress, so cycling on an E-Bike will be good for you with all the gains but without the pain. Contact Eco Voltz today and arrange for an essential test ride to ensure that your chosen bike is the best fit and is right for you. Our friendly staff can even bring a selection of E-bikes for you to try at home or your place of work so that you can experience for yourself just how good Eco Voltz E-Bikes are and how much fun they are to ride.

If your thinking about buying an electric bike 
(E-Bike)? Talk to us, we are the UK's  distributor of 
Eco Voltz Electric bikes

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