Bike servicing & repairs in Chesterfield

Whether you're looking for a quick fix or a full repair job - Eco Voltz Cycle Repair Clinic services standard and electric bikes at our dedicated centre located in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

When it comes to repairs and servicing, we don't just deal with e-bikes!

Our bike maintenance service starts from just £30 and can include...

1) We'll wipe down your frame and forks, whilst checking for cracks and alignment.
2) Our technician will check your headset for free movement, and adjust if required.
3) The bottom bracket will be checked for free movement and adjusted if needed.
4) We'll check your wheel hubs, spokes and rims for damage and wear.
5) Our mechanic will check your wheel cone bearings for free movement and adjust them if required.
6) Our mechanic will inspect your tyres for wear and damages. We'll then check your pressure and reinflate.
7) We'll lubricate the cables and mechanical components.
8) The brakes will be checked for effective operation and adjusted if needed.
9) Gears will be checked for correct alignment, operation, selection and indexing. They'll then be adjusted if required.
10) We'll perform a safety check and torque of all fixtures & fittings, mudguards, carrier racks etc.

How can we help you with your bike?

If you're looking for expert bike repairs and servicing in Newark, Nottinghamshire , then you've come to the right place! Explore our range of services below >>>

Bike Repair Centre Chesterfield

I want help keeping my bike in tip-top condition

A bike requires regular care and attention to ensure it operates efficiently and safely. At Eco Voltz, we recommend an annual servicing to be performed on your bike at the very least. Our Cycle Repair Clinic in Newark, Nottinghamshire service all types of bikes including both electric and regular bicycles to maintain that your bike carries on running smoothly.

I need Assistance assembling my new bike

Have you recently bought a bike online and didn't realise you'd need to assemble it yourself? Eco Voltz's cycle repair clinic can help. Our specialist bike mechanics are extremely experienced in setting up and assembling a range of different types of bikes. Our aim is to give you a hassle-free experience, to get you on your way as soon as possible.

Bicycle Bike Assembling Services
Bike Restoration Services Chesterfield

I want to restore my old bike to its former glory

Ready to renovate your old bike and bring it to life again? Eco Voltz can transform your bike and return it to its former glory. Our dedicated cycle repair clinic has a team of experts which have the specialist knowledge to restore a range of different bikes.

I want help building a bike to my specification

Seen a few bikes whose components would make the perfect bike for you? At, Eco Voltz, our expert mechanics can use authentic parts to build the bicycle from scratch.

Custom Rebuilds Cycle Repair Clinic

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